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Expense in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

I. Tuition Fees

1. Application fee: 500rmb

2. Tuition fees for a Short-term Program Applicant: 2,000 yuan for 2 weeks, 500 yuan for each additional week.

3. Long-term Programs (see the following table)

Categories of Degrees


Tuition & Fees(per person per year)

Bachelor’s Degree

4 Years

16,000 yuan

Master’s Degree

3 Years

20,000 yuan

Doctor’s Degree

3 Years

24,000 yuan

General Advanced Study

Within 2 Years

16,000 yuan

Senior Advanced Study

Within 1 Year

20,000 yuan

II. Living at ZUEL

1. Accommodation and fees

International students will live in the International Student House of ZUEL. All the rooms are equipped with such facilities as air-conditioning, bathroom, telephone, and color TV.



Double Occupancy

RMB25 yuan/bed/day

Single Occupancy:

RMB45 yuan/room/day

2. Food Cards

Students canteens are available to International students with prepaid magnetic food cards. The costs for food are estimated to be around 500 yuan per month per person.

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